North Cyprus Tourism | Akdeniz Beach Filled With Rubbish

North Cyprus Tourism | Akdeniz Beach Filled With RubbishDear friends of North Cyprus Free Press,

Just coming back from our holiday in Northern Cyprus and still happy and fascinated with its richness in culture, nature, infrastructure and friendly people, we are at the same time worried about the state in which we’ve encountered beautiful Akdeniz Beach about which this magazine has had an article in the year 2010. There you (the magazine) tells its preoccupation with the opening of Caretta Beach Restaurant and the building up of touristic infrastructure. What we have to tell is something different which to us seems much more serious: Arriving at the marvelous place there, we found a beach, which seems nothing more but a waste dump! Everything, also the water, is filled with the remains of plastic bottles, sacks, the sand being completely interspersed with small up to biggest plastic pieces, coming from the most different origins (Syria, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Saudi Arabia and so on…). This is ugly, of course, but more than this: It means a serious and deadly danger to every living thing there, being swallowed by small animals, fish, and of course also the protected turtles and their babies!

This is so terrible to see that we just want to tell you and your magazine and uttering the most urgent wish that the government of Northern Cyprus and also the EU might take care of this precious part of our earth in order to rescue it from fatal destruction (which has already gone quite far!).

We really loved your country and this beautiful and marvelous place but we feel shocked about the state it is at present.

Warm regards, Maximiliane

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1 comment to North Cyprus Tourism | Akdeniz Beach Filled With Rubbish

  • Polly Marples

    Nothing has changed then. Agile was almost put into a landfill by Sercem when he tried to stop them burying a toxic looking drum on the beach area near his home in Karsiyaka….yes the one Sebnem Guner Kader loves to portray as her fb cover picture.