Arguments Over Who Manages Distribution of Turkish Water

Arguments Over Who Manages Distribution of Turkish WaterAccording to Diyalog newspaper (13.09.15) “The Project of the Century is at stake”. Apparently there is disagreement between Turkey and the TRNC councils as to who will administer the water to be transferred from Turkey to the TRNC on 28/29th October.

According to the newspaper, Turkey, which has spent millions of TL on the project, wants the distribution of the water to be undertaken by a private company and not by the local councils which they say are bankrupt. The councils on the other hand, want to continue the current arrangement whereby they control the distribution of the water.

Now let me see, Turkey supplies the water to the island so I wonder whether they will refuse to transfer it if they don’t get their way? If they cut off the supply at this early stage in order to blackmail the TRNC then this puts into question whether the north should rely on Turkey for water. Furthermore, by destroying the TRNC government local water distribution, Turkey will also succeed in destroying any alternative to its own water. Very clever. Who needs an army in order to take over a country.

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2 comments to Arguments Over Who Manages Distribution of Turkish Water

  • Cyprus Sue

    By all accounts the TRNC is in as much financial hardship as the ROC.

    Like the ROC this is mainly due to nepotism, cronyism and total mismanagement of the taxpayers money and the money given by Turkey. You only have to look at the running of Kibtec to witness how public institutions are managed and are failing. Far too many public service workers that the Government can ill afford.

    Just like the Troika needed to take control of the ROC, Turkey is taking control of the TRNC purse strings. Far too much money given by Turkey for projects remains unaccounted for so over the years the money given comes more and more with conditions. Hardly surprising that Turkey is favouring a private company.

  • Ian Edwards

    I tend to agree with the flavour of Sue’s comments. Blatant examples of nepotism, cronyism and mismanagement are on current display in most councils, and have been for years. We have water in Esentepe, but there is one area nearby that has been without for six weeks. The councils are able to open and close differing sections as they choose, and do so seemingly without reason.

    Unfortunately, any private company installed by Turkey is most likely going to be Turkish rather than British, which may not have the desired control of cronyism or graft, as well as almost certainly ensuring a higher price for the water.

    Digging a well is not practicable for me, so I’ve just installed a 5-ton rainwater catchment tank.