North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Magarina Bulli, Kyrenia

north-cyprus-restaurant-review-magarina-bulli,-kyreniaMagarina Bulli

This is one restaurant where there is total consistency in the high standard of home cooked Turkish Cypriot food. We have been visiting here for a number of years and we never fail to be impressed.

Kezi and Kenan are very welcoming and genuinely care about their customers.

Just go inside and choose whatever food you would like, even have some of everything if you want to try it all. Kenan will be pleased to explain what each dish is if you are not sure.
We were lucky that Kenan had just taken Firin Kebab (Kleftico) out of the oven, so my husband had that along with a selection of other dishes on a separate plate, as there wasn’t enough room on one plate!

The Firin Kebab and no matter what you have with it is 30tl and otherwise it is 20tl for anything else. Be careful because Kenan will pile your plate high! There is also a salad bar.
It was nice to see that drinks prices are so reasonable. 5tl for an Efes and 1tl for a bottle of water. Kezi also makes a very good home made lemonade, excellent taste, not as sickly sweet as others I have tasted.

All this rounded off with a very good Turkish coffee (2tl).

I can’t praise Magarina Bulli highly enough for the quality and quantity of the food and the true Turkish Cypriot hospitality.

Kezi and Kenan thanks one again for a wonderful lunch.

The restaurant is only open lunchtimes Monday – Friday. They also do a take away service.

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2 comments to North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Magarina Bulli, Kyrenia

  • Polly Marples

    Favourite restaurant and favourite people. Miss you Kezi and Kenan.

  • fluter

    Yes, it sounds really good. Next time I am over I shall make a point of eating there and of course, meeting Kezi and Kenan!