Restaurant Review | Disaster at The Colony Hotel in Kyrenia

Restaurant Review | Disaster at The Colony Hotel in KyreniaA friend was leaving the island and four of us met up for lunch. We agreed to meet at The House only to discover they are shut on Tuesdays. My friend had been to The Colony across the road three days earlier and said how good it was and so we walked across and sat in the rooftop restaurant.

The menus arrived and the waiter took our drinks order. Three fresh orange juices and one sparkling water. We were left to peruse the menu. The orange juices arrived but no sparkling water and that didn’t come at all. We took a sip of our “fresh orange juice” which it certainly wasn’t and it even left an after taste, similar to tonic water in our mouths. We called the waiter to tell him this was not fresh orange juice and so we didn’t want it. He took the three drinks away and asked if we would like something else. We declined saying we would stick to plain water which had now been poured into glasses for the four of us. Then the party eating on the next table to us told us they had exactly the same experience and had sent their “fresh orange juice” back. So, if the staff knew it was not as advertised why did they offer it to us?

We ordered from the menu. Two exotic chicken salads, another chicken dish which I can’t remember the name of and a vegetarian baked potato. My friend having eaten here on Saturday told us they gave you very nice rolls and dips. We had none and so she asked where the bread was. The waiter then brought some very plain white sliced bread, no butter, no dips. Surely this was not 5 star standard. We called the waiter back and explained it was far better on Saturday with rolls and dip. He took away the bread and replaced it with rolls and dip.

The meals arrived and on three dishes the strips of chicken were hard and overcooked and it was difficult to cut into it. The presentation was very nice but the food was not. I only tried one piece and my friends agreed this really was not good. We called the waiter again and explained the chicken was dry and overcooked and we didn’t want to eat it. He apologised, took the meals away and asked if we would like replacement meals. By now our friend who chose the vegetarian meal had almost finished hers but she said it was fine she would wait. We had now been at the table for an hour without any food for three of us. The alternative meals arrived and they were very good. Personally I chose the vegetarian potato, feeling not much could go wrong with that. I asked the waiter if we could see the Manager as we really weren’t happy with so many problems and we were after all in a 5 star hotel. Maybe something was lost in translation as a Manager didn’t come.

After all this we thought it was better not to invite any more problems so didn’t order either desserts nor coffee. We asked for the bill. One of the wrong meals had been deducted from the bill meaning that we were being overcharged 6tl!

This was not the pleasant dining experience we had anticipated and made worse that it would be the last time the four of us would be able to meet up. The waiter had tried his best and so we did leave a 10% tip. The sparkling water never arrived and there was no sign of a Manager coming anywhere near us!

We were very disappointed and so back in the hotel reception I asked the member of staff if it were possible to see the Manager. He asked why, did I have a complaint. I told him yes, with our restaurant experience and he told me he would write it down! No, I told him if we didn’t see a Manager, then I would publish all on Trip Advisor and I was quite happy to do that but thought they would prefer my speaking to them and sorting out why this meal was so bad. At the mention of Trip Advisor, he asked us to take a seat which we did.

Finally our waiter appeared from the lift! We told him we had no problem at all with him, we wanted to speak to his manager. He phoned for his Manager. We then discovered he had been sitting in the restaurant all the time we were there, chatting to his friends, totally oblivious there were customers who were not happy and sending things back!!

His answer concerning the orange was that the oranges are green this time of year! Sorry no excuse, if you can’t serve quality fresh orange do as other restaurants and say “it is not in season” and anyway, green oranges don’t make the drink fizzy. He then said “Enough about the orange, what else?” We told him about no bread and then the quality of the bread which I told him you would get better in a roadside kebab house. I showed him the photo I took and he took out his phone and took his own photo. Then on to the chicken……..maybe they had used boiling chicken, he said, which should have been used for casserole and not salad. Oh please, a 5 star hotel with a chef who doesn’t know how to cook chicken? We also mentioned then being overcharged on the bill and didn’t even bother about the fizzy water never appearing as by this time the four of us were losing the will to live.

Obviously he would have to speak to the chef and get back to us, could he have my telephone number he asked. I gave him my card and in return he gave me his card. We did explain that we were only telling him because this is supposed to be a 5* hotel but it is not living up to expectations and we felt he should have time to explain to us why and thought he would care enough to want to know. His name was Mustafa Önder, the Food and Beverage Manager.

I have now waited 48 hours, time enough for him to speak to his chef surely. He has my telephone number, website and email. I am extremely disappointed that is all a 5 star hotel cares about its customers.

I don’t like making complaints, I would much prefer to write stunning reviews. Now because I have been ignored I will add this to my 200 plus reviews on Trip Advisor. Perhaps another member of the management team will have the courtesy to reply on there.

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    OOOps that got that wrong…so wrong. Silly sods.