North Cyprus Property Victims | Tutuska | Why So Silent?


North Cyprus Property Victims | Tutuska | Why So Silent?

The week following the K5 Auction, yet another auction was scheduled.¹

So what happened next in the Tutuska saga? Many of the victims took legal action and Memorandums were issued to keep the Memorandums company that were the cause of the Auction. Memorandums in favour of the real owners but way down the food chain. Perhaps the one I remember most is this one:

Well Muazzez did get her Memorandum, or more accurately a Memorandum was allegedly issued in the name of her daughter who she had given Power of Attorney to act for her although clearly Muazzez was the owner…why then put it in someone else’s name?

However the plot gets even thicker. Allegedly in one of his frequent visits to Lefkosa prison, Mr Tutuska was giving a ‘talking to’  by one of his fellow inmates (a friend of the family, shall we say) and the outcome was that I was told I should not write about Mr Tutuska and in return Muazzez would get her apartment sorted. I remember at the time saying that it would be nice for Muazzez, but what about all the other victims? I never did get the answer to that one.

So what about the victims of Tutuska?

Pauline Read



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