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Round round round we go, where we stop, we do not know. A lot like the court system here in North Cyprus. Yes, today was supposed to be the final hearing for Tutuska victim, Muazzez, Pembe’s mum, who due to ill health is still the UK but Pembe was there on her behalf. Pembe does have Power of Attorney to act for her mum.

Nurrretin Tutuska was there, his advocate was there, Pembe was there, her stand-in advocate was there. They went into the Judge’s chambers, now bear in mind Tutuska does not question the amount Muazzez has paid, Pembe told the Judge how much her mum has paid, but no the Judge has to see the receipts, and guess what, the stand in advocate does not have them in the file, so has to go back to her office to look for therm.

However the time spent outside waiting for the stand-in advocate to return was not wasted. Pembe tried to negotiate with Tutuska who said he is only prepared to give Muazzez a Memorandum in the amount she paid for the apartment, but he is prepared to forget the rent for the two years Muazzez has lived in the apartment. I quickly told Pembe to tell him that is very kind and in return Muazzez will waive the interest on her money he has had the use of. You Could Not Make It Up. This pillar of society having caused Muazzez endless stress, having caused her to live through an auction, having cost her the fees for the initial purchase and the cost of the legal action really believes he has the right to dictate that he should only give her the purchase money and then that is only in a Memorandum which she might never collect on. He then went on to say that the apartment is now worth £25,000 more than Muazzez paid for it. When I challenged him with an example of someone I know who put their 3 bedroomed villa with a pool on at £160,000, reduced it to £120,000 and has now just let it go for £70,000, he agreed this was a bad market. In fact he said he had properties to sell which were not selling. Might that be a combination of a bad market and a bad name? Tutuska has just been released from prison after serving time for a debt related offence and he has allegedly been imprisoned previously for issuing ‘rubber’ cheques. Definitely a man whose word you would not question.

Eventually the stand-in advocate returned and they all went back into the Judge’s chambers (not me though), might be the notebook. It seems the stand-in advocate did not have the necessary receipts so although the Judge has agreed that Muazzez will get a memorandum for her purchase price plus £10,000 they have all got to go back on Wednesday to show the Judge exactly how much Muazzez did pay by producing the receipts, even though the builder Tutuska is not disputing the amount.

Now along the way, I heard a couple of classic comments. Pembe did speak to the number one advocate on the phone and allegedly he said ‘you are arguing about an amount of money you are not going to get.’

The second classic and by far the winner. Pembe explained to the Judge that her mum had bought an apartment in Girne for her retirement in her own country having spent many years in Britain, she trusted the system and her own people and had been badly let down. The Judge allegedly told Pembe that when you buy property in North Cyprus it is a gamble, like putting your money in the Stock Market (borsa). Well there you have it, from the horses mouth, buying in North Cyprus is a gamble, comments like that are really going to help the property market here recover. But in many ways it proves what we all know, no one cares.

Quite the reverse of what I was always taught in the U.K. Put your money in property, you will never loose. Of course we did not have the nepotism, cronyism and outright corruption to deal with too.

More from Girne District Court tomorrow when K5 case returns by popular demand. Tutuska’s final hearing (but don’t bet on it, or buy a house in North Cyprus) on Wednesday.

So it’s goodbye from me until tomorrow..

Never give in, never give up


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