North Cyprus Property Victims | Yet another Kulaksiz 5 hearing

Another hearing under our belt. Heaven knows how many more will follow. It seemed like a particularly busy day at court today, with penguins milling about just as far as the eye could see. For sure there is one industry in the TRNC which is not in recession. Judging (no pun) from the number of times I have heard the word Memorandum mentioned in court rooms there could well be more in existence than Contracts. Certainly the combination of allegedly useless Contracts and Memorandums could paper over all the cracks in the badly built villas, but not all the alleged flaws in the antiquated laws

Today, I was the lone Kulaksiz 5 member again, this time at the second hearing of what has been described as our ‘main case’.

It took me some time to track down who it was representing us, but eventually I found my ‘man’ and kept a watchful eye on him.

Eventually we were in the court room before Judge Talat Usar. Acting for Akan Kursat was one of his assistants advocates and very young looking lady called Goksu.

Unfortunately I did not have my Turkish speaking fellow committee member of Stop the Blackmail with me, but I think I understood correctly when I was told that Goksu was about to file the defence for Akfinans Bank, or maybe it was within the next three days. We were all in court, words were spoken and then we were all outside again. There are no flies on me so I had realised a follow up date had not been given. I asked the member of our legal team and he confirmed that no, no date had been given but we were going to go back into the court. Sure enough, after a phone call to I assume, another member of our legal team and my noting his writing down the 25th October (the last court date), he told me we were going back in to the court to take a date. This we did and the date given for the next hearing is the 19th December. I did ask if more details would form part of the next hearing but was told no, we would be lodging the answers to the defence given in by Akfinans. By that I would assume that in the interim time, Boysan Boyra will receive details of the defence entered into evidence either today, tomorrow or three days time, and then our side will enter into evidence our answers. Hey, I don’t make the rules, and You Could Not Make It Up.

The important thing to pull out of all the above is, the next hearing will be on Monday 19th December 2011.

I would like to thank Bill and Lorraine who took time out of their three weeks here to come and give support. I was very glad to see them. Thank you to you both.

Never give in, never give up

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