North Cyprus Property Victims | Tales From Happyland


North Cyprus Property Victims – Tales From Happyland

Once upon a time there were a group of people living in a cold, cold country where they worked and worked and saved and saved until one day, at the time in their lives they could no longer work, they left their cold country and used their savings to buy a home in a hot country.

The country they chose was called Happyland. Most of the people in Happyland were very good honest people and welcomed new people knowing that the money the new people brought would go into their economy and help to make their country wealthier and stronger and make them too even happier.

For a couple of years the old people from the cold country lived a contented life in Happyland.

One day, much to their surprise, the old people found that the wicked landowner and his equally wicked friend the builder had ‘done the dirty’ on them and had borrowed money against their homes from the ‘naughty bank’ called Hookybank and had not repaid it. Unbeknown to the old people the loan had been in place for over two years before they got to know about it. So the loan of almost 100,000 groats had grown and grown like Topsy.

Well as you can imagine our old people from the cold land were spitting feathers. They rushed to see the big cheese in the Government of Happyland who said “oh no, we do not allow you old people to be treated this way nor any of our guests”. The wicked landowner and his friend the wicked builder were put in the stocks where all the good people of Happyland threw rotten tomatoes at them and called them names. The Hookybank were made to cancel the debt and the old people from the cold land lived happily ever after.

Now you folks who bought your property on the island of Cyprus, don’t you wish you bought in Happyland where they know how to do the right thing.

Pauline Read

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