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A few nights ago on TV there was a party political broadcast by a shower that I’ve never heard of before: English Democrats! Their aim? Not only split England off from the EU but also from the rest of the United Kingdom!!!! Another load of opportunists! And the content of their broadcast? Spitfires flying past, a Lancaster flying past, cricket, WWI soldiers, Nelson’s column, the Duke of Wellington, Big Ben, and the Cross of St George flag, set to music – Rule Britannia!! Must be the same lot as some whom I’ve met lately who express a desire to return to 1940……. Is the world going mad? Of just this country?

These are the perpetrators of last nights election broadcast – you can view it on their website: They appear to have under 1000 members. But…they own a van!!!!!!!

This is what Wikipedia says:

In 1998, and in response to calls for the devolution of power to Scotland and Wales, Robin Tilbrook aimed at reforming the defunct English National Party, which had ceased operating as a party by 1981. This project included members of the Campaign for an English Parliament, a pressure group that lobbies for a devolved English Parliament. The party was relaunched as the “English Democrats” in September 2002, after merging with several other smaller political parties. In October 2004, the party merged with the Reform UK Party, which was a small splinter group from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). TheNew England Party merged with the English Democrats in February 2007.[citation needed]

The English Democrats were co-founders of the English Constitutional Convention,[7] now defunct.[citation needed]

In December 2004, it was rumoured that Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former UKIP MEP had entered into negotiation to join the English Democrats.[8] However, Kilroy-Silk formedVeritas instead.

The party’s most significant electoral success came when Peter Davies (a former UKIP and Reform UK member), its candidate for Mayor of Doncaster, was elected. Having received 16,961 votes in the first round, 189 votes behind the independent Michael Maye, Davies was returned in the second count on transfers of second preference votes, with 25,344 votes to 24,990.[6][9] However, Davies announced his resignation from the party on 5 February 2013 citing “a big influx of new members joining from the British National Party”.[10] One of its councillors, Mick Glynn, resigned the following day after the party’s chairman, Robin Tilbrook, launched a personal attack on Peter Davies reducing its number of elected representatives to two.[11]

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