North Cyprus Property Victims | Suckers?


North Cyprus Property Victims – Suckers?

Do you ever get the impression that sometimes, you are being taught to ‘suck eggs’? I know I do, especially when I read a letter like this.

Does Mr Jefferson really believe we the purchasers did not expect our Contract of Sale to be registered? I know I did and was surprised that it was not. However my Advocate at that time totally disagreed with his statement that “it is a rule which is fundamental to land registration systems throughout the world and one which applied before 2007 Estate Agents Law.”

Oh dear, he is then totally at odds with my then Advocate, who when I asked her in writing why she did not register my Contract of Sale back in September 2005, she replied:

Naomi Mehmet letter confirming could NOT register contract

So you see Mr Jefferson, some of us did expect the same system as those “throughout the world” and were told we could
not have had it because it was not available.

More interestingly, I understand you too are a victim of ‘stealth mortgages’, however did this happen?

As a final aside, Ms Mehmet asked for a further £350 to register my Contract under the new legislation, but I decided to do it myself. That as we all know, is when I found out about the mortgage in favour of Akfinans Bank Limited. I often wonder if I had taken her up on her kind offer to relieve me of another £350, how soon would I have been told about the mortgage? No accusations, just thinking out loud.

Pauline Read

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