North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 9/8/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 9/8/2014

Had a look to see if the Regency Apartments auctions was covered, and it wasn’t. More telling was the message in a letter Cyprus Today chose to publish.


I love the use of the word ‘you’ as in ‘you register that interest at the Tapu.’ The ‘it’s your fault’ culture thrives in north Cyprus. So, if your new villa falls down ‘you should have mixed the concrete’ or if your partner or child dies after a bodged medical treatment ‘you should have performed the operation’? But don’t worry, after the event you can always ask the ‘lawyer’/builder/surgeon ‘why that happened.’

Seems the writer knows more than highly respected lawyer (note the lack of inverted commas) ex-Chief Justice, Taner Erginel. Mind you, to be fair to the writer, I like the last paragraph and the reference to legal practitioners who don’t know what they’re doing and officials being ‘duped by the fraud of their applicants.’

Why does the phrase ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’ keep running through my head?


Hole-in-one for Bafra Tourism – a golf course is planned

TRNC plans measures to curb Ebola – a thermal camera at Ercan airport and a quarantine room at Lefkosa State Hospital. Oh, and a warning asking people not to travel to at risk areas. Editor: I feel safer already! Thankfully the chance of Ebola reaching north Cyprus is negligible.

Mayor scraps Project of the Century – a half-built 7m TL Girne walkway which is now a mess. Apparently the project was illegal and has now wasted 1m TL. Editor: Money to burn, obviously.

KAR discusses ‘dog dumping’ – because of the micro-chipping requirement. Apparently there is a law which says that ‘no dog can be let lose in public.’ Editor: there is also one forbidding the use of mobile phones while eating a kebab and driving a car at the same time.


‘Woman kept waiting 10 hours for treatment’ – at Lefkosa State Hospital. Editor: luckily she didn’t have the Ebola virus.

Part of cash from 3m heist is found – a quarter share; 770,500TL? Three suspects are now in custody while a fourth, a deputy police inspector released in Turkey because of ‘lack of evidence’, is believed to now be in Rayleigh, Essex. Editor: perhaps the ‘lack of evidence’ was because the north Cyprus police were still gathering it. Mind you, perhaps the deputy police inspector had some of the evidence with him?

Woman shot dead during family rowEditor: only worthy of page 7?

TC couple lost in South ‘attacked by GCs’ – the couple filmed the attack on their car, took it to GC police and were escorted to the border.

Calls for minister to resign over free trip – to study techniques of stone quarry rehabilitation in Marseilles. He paid for his wife to accompany him but the trip was organised by a Karpas quarrying company whose business was allegedly recently extended by his department.

Access to beach blocked – no cars to be allowed on Akdeniz turtle-nesting beach and a project to build there has been revoked.

‘Old houses in capital will collapse’ – says mayor after old house collapses.

Army open ‘Peace Beach’ – at Catalkoy, for handicapped people. It has been especially adapted by the Turkish Army. Editor: now THAT story should have been on the front page.

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