North Cyprus Property Victims | Silence is Not Golden


North Cyprus Property Victims | Silence is Not Golden

So yet another different Judge at Kyrenia District Court has judged that it is lawful for a landowner to claim back his land complete with property paid for by hapless expat purchasers. I have no idea if there are any Turkish Cypriots amongst the purchasers but I am sure they will be viewed as ‘collateral damage’ in just the same way as the expats are.

This time the builder is Greatstone, but does it matter what the name is, Greatstone, Kulaksiz, Aga Development, Sercem, Boyut, Armacon to name but a few. In my opinion, they all knew the possible outcome to the people they took money from before they even broke ground on the sites. What was the Constructors’ Union doing whilst all this was happening, what were the Advocates doing whilst all this was happening, most importantly ‘what was the Government doing?’ Sitting on their backsides feeling important and watching their bank balances growing.

Now the law has rubber stamped this vile practice it seems that the only place anyone can look for justice is the ECHR.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a fall out by the builder and landowner, a stealth mortgage taken by the builder/landowner after the property is sold and no longer available for security for the colluding bank or whether it is a memorandum allowed by the same courts that rubber stamp this vile practice, put on a property when it not longer belongs to the debtor. It would seem in north Cyprus, it is not only allowed but if you as the victim shout ‘foul play’ you will be a target.

I won’t catalogue the attacks on me for simply bringing this outrageous situation to the attention of the public but I am not ashamed because of these attacks. I stand proud and tall (well 5’4″ to be precise). I have done nothing wrong. The fault and the shame lies with those who deliberately defrauded the innocent.

The biggest mistake, in my opinion, is to keep silent. From day one, in my opinion, victims should have gone public and shouted from the rooftops…..LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING. Four years on….too late. I believe many more such cases are still to emerge.

Would I do it again….in a heartbeat.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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