North Cyprus News | Council Election Results

North Cyprus News – Council Election Results

15 out of the 28 mayors in the Council elections lost their positions. The ruling CTP-BG increased the number of the Councils it controlled from 8 to 14, but lost the three major cities of Nicosia, Famagusta and Guzelyurt.

The 28 Councils were distributed as following after the elections: CTP-BG 14, UBP 5, TDP 1, DP-UG 1 and Independent 7. UBP lost more than half of the Councils it had controlled.

The referendum on constitutional change, held at the same time as the elections, was rejected with only 37.81% approving the change and 62.19% rejecting it. TRNC President Yorgancioglu said that despite the changes being supported by the four political parties in parliament, many MPs were running no vote campaigns.

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