North Cyprus Property Victims | She Who Cares Wins?


 North Cyprus Property Victims – She Who Cares Wins?

You will see this photo being used by others but it is my photo, taken in my garden by Agile.

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May 1st comes round so quickly.

Remember May 1st 2012 when I marched with the Unions. Oh dear naughty me, not supposed to you know.

I marched because I believed it could make a difference, I march because I cared. The person marching with me, I then believed had a genuine belief in obtaining justice too, little did I know the main motivator was money.

Two years on and a lot has happened to me personally but nothing has changed the situation for victims of the property scams and injustice in north Cyprus.

MNCB now believe they are about to make a difference. Let us see what those differences are in a year from now.

Indeed we have seen an Advocate pretend to care, gather in the money and do a runner. No lessons learned there then.

A full judicial review of the system is needed, but who will do it? Nepotism, cronyism and corruption seems to be accepted as part of the system and until that changes, nothing else can or will.

The people of north Cyprus deserve better. The ex-pat guests in their country deserve better.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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