North Cyprus Property Victims | MNCB Proposals Final Draft


North Cyprus Property Victims – MNCB Proposals Final Draft

After the fiasco that was the BRS Annual General Meeting, I read the following with some trepidation.

 “As part of ongoing engagements with key Governments figures, discussions between MNCB have moved on this week with further consultations involving the Task Force and the Prime Minister’s Office. The issues being progressed are the culmination of three years of campaigning much of it below the Radar..

 The proposals now being put into final draft, will be put before representatives of the Bar and Attorney General’s Office before presenting the completed version to the Prime Minister, with a recommendation for submission to the Council of Ministers with a view to early enactment.

 They include:


Proposals now include issuing a white card to permanent Residents which will entitle them to all benefits of Citizenship other than voting.

 The qualification details have yet to be finalised but will include 5 years Residency stamps plus income and investment in property and/or bank deposit qualification. It is currently proposed that after a short qualifying period, Medical tests for European Residents will be abolished. Different conditions will apply to work permits.

 Permission to Purchase

It is proposed that discussions will take place between the Prime Minister’s Office and top Military authorities with a view to removing property ownership restrictions other than those bordering on the Green Line.

Property Law Amendment

Proposals are being made to amend the Property Law 11/78 to make it quite clear that stealth Mortgages are illegal, mortgages only cover what is expressly stated and that purchasers rights are fully protected by contract.

Contract Law

A Specific Performance amendment is proposed to make performance of contracted conditions mandatory.

One Stop Help Shop

Following on from the speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Ozdil Nami, the Interior Minister is also considering proposals about introducing bilingual help desks to help expatriates with North Cyprus procedures.

Whilst first denying any connection with the BRS, Make North Cyprus Better ‘fessed up and admitted there was a connection. I think that now they would do well to distance themselves from the BRS in its present form.

It is obvious that MNCB mean well, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Until all those promises are kept and all the words are turned into actions with tangible results, they will remain just that, words.

Having been on the receiving end of so many broken promises, my scepticism I trust will be forgiven.

This situation in north Cyprus has been building since the early 2000’s, the Government has been approached by so many with pleas for help, been promised that help and have been shamefully lied to. Let us hope now, at last the Government really means what it says and turns it into action. The joke that was the Estate Agents law only highlighted the ‘stealth’ mortgage and and memorandum situation but did nothing…absolutely nothing to address the situation.

Help for the existing victims is to my mind the priority, well we are told we have a new committee to address that.

I wonder what I will be writing about the situation in a years time. I won’t hold my breath, as I have said so many times before, blue does not suit me.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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