North Cyprus Property Victims | One Thing History Teaches Us


North Cyprus Property Victims – One Thing History Teaches Us

For those of you who perhaps do not remember the Property Complaints Office (PCO) here is a brief history of its formation and its disappearance.

The PCO opened in April 2007 and at best it can be described as a ‘salve’ to Marion Stokes and an inducement for her to call off a planned demonstration outside the new Parliament Building on the day of its opening. Certainly it would have been very embarrassing to the then Government, the CTP, to have its VIP guests witness a load of old fogies and some younger ones demonstrating outside their new ‘posh’ building.

Within a few short months the PCO was renamed the Property Information Office (PIO).

I personally decided to address my complaint to the PIO and submitted it to them, following it up with a visit. This was the procedure at that time. They achieved nothing for me.

It always amused me that we were to dress smartly as a mark of respect to the staff at the PIO. I have to say the smartest people at that meeting was Agile and myself. I became case number 132 and I was complaining at the lack of normal electricity and the standard of build. Remember this was late 2007, I yet had the horrors of the Akfinans Bank Mortgage to face, only discovering its existence in March 2008.

Exactly when the PIO was quietly closed remains uncertain, but close it did. Where all the applications for help went, remained a mystery for a while. Some suggested that they had been used as toilet paper, possibly by the 5 WC committee? However during a meeting with Hasan Sungur on another matter, he confirmed his sorrow at the PIO closing and told me he was storing all the applications from that office.

Of course, we can now be forgiven for thinking that the PCO or PIO were just ‘lip service’ by the then Government and no real intention existed to help the victims, just another exercise in futility. They had their opening of their new Parliament without incident and that in my opinion was all that mattered to them.

Then came the 5 Wisemen Committee which lasted all of one week. Then the 2 Ambassadors and the Lord committee; Lord knows what happened to that.

Now we have yet another committee.

Here is a very radical and novel idea, let’s have some action.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read


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