Cyprus News | Much the Same in La La Land


Cyprus News – Much the Same in La La Land

This year Roman and Orthodox Easter fall on the same weekend.

The ROC will virtually shut from noon on Good Friday 18th and resume as normal on Tuesday 22nd April.

The K5 case, I am told will not finish today as I had thought and indeed hoped. One of the owners has given his evidence and will be cross examined today by Akan Kursat. I guess we will all read about the proceedings on Saturday in Cyprus Today, tucked away inside this publication.

There is still no sign of Mehmet Kaptan Bensen who did a vanishing act leaving many, who had retained his services and paid him up front to represent them, blowing in the wind; a lot like my private legal papers. It seems that he was an equal opportunity opportunist, he has left clients of other nationalities in the lurch, not just British. The Baro Council is of little or no help to some of these clients who have approached them only to be told there is little they can do. If and when Mr Bensen resurfaces he will have some explaining to do but not, it would seem, to his governing body. Only in the TRNC.

A question put to me this week about Permission to Purchase got me to thinking of my own farcical experience with this Ministry of Interior based department. It seems headline grabbing Dr Celebi, in common with many, talked up a good story but did she achieve anything?

So it seems everything is much the same in la la land.

Happy Easter.


Never give in never give up


Pauline Read

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