North Cyprus Property Victims | Not K5 – Twisting the Truth


North Cyprus Property Victims | Not K5 – Twisting the Truth

On reading the following post on Cyprus Scene, I was perplexed about what the headline seemed to suggest – ‘Property Success for Kulaksiz Construction and Citizen Advice Cyprus‘. Had I missed something, had K5 had sudden success that I’d not been notified of? Then I realised what the post was about, it was the property I’d removed Kulaksiz Construction’s memorandum from so that as a result the purchaser was able to receive their deeds. According to the post it wasn’t my efforts at all that brought it about but that of a combination of Kulaksiz Construction and CAC. I now await Cyprus Today’s equally misinformed article.

North Cyprus Property Victims | Not K5 - Twisting the Truth

So Mrs Day, one half of the couple my support and vigorous reporting on their behalf caused my home to be raided by four police officers and to lose my beloved Laura the laptop has decided to put the boot in, yet again.

As you all know from reading my account of what really happened, and Mehmet Kaptan Bensen’s role in it, she has skirted round the facts, managed not to mention my name and is shamelessly using the Kulaksiz 5 case to gain custom for CAC.

CAC had no part in my actions to remove the memorandum from the property in Arapkoy. The decision was mine and mine alone. Their only involvement as far as I am concerned was to try intimidate me outside court where one of the owners called me ‘scum’ and Ms. Ibrahim tried to take my photo on her smart phone. Oh, of course she has practice at that, see the video on the Hate page taken outside the court; she was present on this occasion too. Nor was there any pressure from the Advocates acting for the K5 litigators for me to do so. Make North Cyprus Better is the only organisation that has helped and is continuing to help Kulaksiz 5.

There has been no success for K5, as the headline implies and certainly no credit due to CAC with regard to Kulaksiz 5. Do you really want to do business with anyone who makes such distorted and clearly self serving claims?

Please do not confuse CAC with the British CAB. One is a business who charge and the other a charitable concern. I have no objections to anyone charging for their services, I do object however to their riding on the coat tail of others and making claims of qualifications now expired and, in any event, not recognised in north Cyprus.

I congratulated the owner who has received his ‘deeds’ and await his thanks for my making this possible for him. Had I gone another route, who knows what the outcome would have been.

Pauline Read

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