North Cyprus Property Victims | NCA v Gary Robb

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Document - 2006You will recall I wrote about the NCA v Gary Robb back in June and at that time the date for the case was not known.¹

Within this blog were the details on how to join the case, I have no idea anyone did or if their applications to join were successful.

The case will commence on Tuesday 2nd December 2014.

It is hard to believe one man with the collaboration of many Turkish Cypriots wreaked so much havoc in the lives of so many innocent victims.

The above is just one avenue being pursued by his hapless victims. You will recall that many are waiting, and waiting and waiting on the TRNC government to amend the Citizenship law and in doing so, they say, help the victims. This was scheduled to be before the Parliament in September, it is now late November and still they are waiting. If there is anything the TRNC excel at, it is delaying tactics.

The case that is allegedly lodged with Washington court is still, I am told, awaiting a hearing.

I did hear of a case put to the ECHR under its pilot scheme, and this allegedly was thrown out.

How much more are the victims of Gary Robb going to have to endure?

Indeed how much more are all property victims in the TRNC going to have to endure?

Never give in never give up.



Pauline Read


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