North Cyprus Property Victims | Gary Robb News

North Cyprus Property Victims | Gary Robb NewsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

I am short on detail at the moment, but as soon as I found this I decided to pass it on to all of you awaiting the outcome of this case.

Following a three-day trial in the Chancery Division, the High Court has today made a declaration that some of the money seized by the The National Crime Agency from Gary Robb, a property fraudster who operated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, belongs to UK victims of crime. [The Lawyer]

It seems to me more of an announcement and the details will of course follow.

As you are all aware this Gary Robb was in cahoots with Akan Kursat the advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited who recently lost the main case in the Kulaksiz 5 saga. Akan Kursat was a co shareholder in Aga Construction Limited.

The money intercepted between TRNC and Thailand is just the tip of the iceberg and there must be more of the alleged £38m out there somewhere. However a little back is better than none.

A little good news for those victims of Gary Robb involved in this case.

Here is more detail for the victims of Gary Robb.

Makes interesting reading.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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6 comments to North Cyprus Property Victims | Gary Robb News

  • Cyprus Sue

    It would be interesting to know the full details, hopefully one of Gary Robbs victims will provide more information. As well as the financial incentative was there any hope that Robb would be prosecuted for his part in this fraud?

  • dj

    It is consistent with POCA, and in particular the statutory exclusion of victim’s property from the proceeds of unlawful conduct confiscated by the State, that both NCA’s costs and those of Mr Robb should be payable out of recoverable property if that is sufficient to bear them. So far as concerns the part of the Fund paid out to Mr Robb for his costs, that is also consistent with the general principle that the fraudster is assumed to have dissipated his money before that of his victims.

  • dj

    this is the link of the case and transcrip

  • cyprusishome

    Reading the judgment dj it would seem it is just that, you stand to gain little. So, although I feel happy that there is a positive result I still feel sad and angry for you and the other couple of hundred involved.

    So there is a couple of million pounds available to be shared with the litigants and both (which I find incredible) legal teams, what about the other 30+ million pounds that Robb and his TC cohorts have salted away somewhere. If anyone is unsure you just need to do a little research and people can find who the crooks are here, still involved in doubtful practices.

  • dj

    this is the interest and the cost of NCA and robb

    Interest Accrued:
    Costs to NCA: £118,760
    Costs to Robb: £50,000

  • Polly Marples

    This sick bastard did this to you and all the victims, yet the system allows his costs to be paid out of your money.

    I hope a large dose of KARMA knocks him sideways.