K5 v Akfinans Bank | Will All Victims Be Treated Equally?

K5 v Akfinans Bank | Will All Victims Be Treated Equally?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

I am the only K5 Contract of Sale holder with the landowner’s signature on my Contract of Sale, yet despite the judgement saying all Kocans issued to Akfinans Bank Limited by the Tapu be cancelled and the original two reinstated in the name of the landowner, i.e. Yuksel Yilmaz, mine is the only one this is not being applied to. Why? I am told it is because the Bank transferred it into the name of a 3rd party, Mustafa Guney.

Who is Mustafa Guney, why are his INTERESTS greater than MINE? Does he too have friends in HIGH PLACES? At best he is has been hoodwinked, at worst he has colluded with the Bank. Either way, that should not affect my legal rights and my inalienable right to JUSTICE. To deny me this is a violation of my Human Rights.

Am I being paranoid or am I correct in being very suspicious? Do they really think I can accept this?

One thing is very certain, if we win the Appeal and this situation still exists, I will not keep quiet and I certainly will be looking for either compensation or the return of the villa. Why would I want to seek redress elsewhere when the villa I contracted to buy and paid for is there? If we win the Appeal then it will be proved once and for all that it never did belong to the bank and they acted fraudulently in transferring it into another name, albeit a cosmetic exercise to have it once removed from me.

It got me thinking about the only couple who did ‘do business’ with the bank, Jel and Jo Clark of number 11 Demokrasi Sokak on
the K5 development. How will this judgement affect them? I am led to believe they have allegedly given or are giving money to the bank via a mortgage. Is this, or will this be, legal if we win the Appeal, after all their property is/was on the same Kocans as the rest of the K5 owners? Will their problems be solved at the expense of their neighbours who have been paying out, and will continue to pay out, a lot in legal fees?

You might find this interesting from Yeniduzen back in February 2013. The fellow in the red jumper flanked by a Kader, and one other member of the bank personnel, is Jel (Andrew) Clark. You can do a translation on this page, although it is not of good quality.


Merry Christmas to all NCFP readers

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1 comment to K5 v Akfinans Bank | Will All Victims Be Treated Equally?

  • Polly Marples

    I believe ‘cat amongst the pigeons time’ is fat approaching and if K5 win the Appeal, I believe things will really hot up.

    Strange how Mustafa Guner appears to have a lot of high profile friends on facebook but no one answers to call to ‘out’ him.