North Cyprus Property Victims | Bye Bye Money

North Cyprus Property Victims – Bye Bye Money

They say money talks, well this may well be true for some, however the money I spent on my villa on K5 only knew two words ‘good bye’ and most definitely not ‘good buy’.

Like most of purchasers, I paid what was asked of me, on schedule and in good faith. I have a Sales Contract with all the relevant signatures, paid stamp duty on time, registered the Sales Contract in fact did everything according to the ‘book’.

No one explained to me that the ‘book’ was not written for my benefit, indeed not for the benefit of any purchaser.

The story of K5 is repeated by many other purchasers on many other sites so they are not unique.

The new ‘committee’ appointed by the new coalition government are, we are told, looking into the Aga saga with a view to helping the victims of Gary Robb. Well forgive me for saying so but the English language newspaper Cyprus Today is littered with such stories going back years, so unless the new ‘committee’ pulls it finger out and actually does something…how is this any different?

Joke of the decade but not meant to be funny.

privilege to own

Hands up anyone who actually had the infrastructure in place before the building work started?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read


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