North Cyprus Property Victims | Baris Apartments Auction

North Cyprus Property Victims | Baris Apartments AuctionWITHOUT PREJUDICE

It seems that the injustices that litter the TRNC legal system continue.

An attempt was allegedly made to auction the Baris Apartments again on the last Sunday in January 2014.

I cannot understand how this was kept under wraps until the last minute as reported by Ms. Ibrahmim. Usually a notice appears on the Coffee shop wall opposite the Kyrenia Court and it seems incredible the Tapu did not at least make the true owners of the properties aware of the impending auction well before the date. This omission is allegedly the reason the auction was stopped. An enquiry into the way Kyrenia Tapu is run is most certainly needed.

This is Ms. Ibrahim’s account of the proposed auction taken from Facebook. It is on the CAC group page, the page started by me.

“Pembe Ibrahim:

We were back at the coffee shop for a 10 am start ! 2nd Auction for the Tutu┼čka property victims. Very well calculated by the Government as I got a call Firday 5.30 pm properties will be sold on Sunday !! The Auction was kept quiet from all of us not giving us anytime to do anything our hands were tied the auction went ahead with the properties at a very reduced price of 100,000 tl each !!!!

We arrived to object to the sale they didn’t want to know after getting our lawyers involved and the Land Registry officials were called out. Our heated discussions resulted in the Land registry opening on Sunday to check the files that proved the parties WERE NOT INFORMED !!! A call was made to a local judge were gave orders to stop the auction 12.30pm it was announced by the officials that the AUTION WAS POSTPONED !! Another stressful day over another auction STOPPED !!…

Disgusting !!!! A massive U turn from the Government who pledged that if the properties were occupied the properties will never be sold !!! 4 helpless homeowners all properties paid in full and have been occupied for the last 8 years were to be sold with the future of facing future evictions from their own homes !!!

The government announce this to be Legal !!!! SHAME ON SUCH A GOVERNMENT !!” [Facebook]

I wonder if the Judge was Ms Ibrahim’s former neighbour Judge Talat Usar?

One of the victims of Tutuska who lives at Baris apartments when in the TRNC is Ms. Ibrahim’s mother who allegedly in the UK at other times in sheltered accommodation. This is one of the many blogs covering Muazzez’s ordeal.

The photo in this blog was taken by Agile after the court appearance.

My best wishes for a successful resolution to this ordeal are extended to Muazzez, a lady I have great respect for.

Pauline Ann Read

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