North Cyprus Property Reviews - Advocate Pınar Öcal GÖKBÖRÜ

Pınar Öcal GökbörüNorth Cyprus Property Reviews – Advocate Pınar Öcal GÖKBÖRÜ

Advocate Pınar Öcal Gökbörü founded Lawlex Law & Consulting in 2013 after having qualified and practiced as a solicitor in England & Wales before deciding to move to North Cyprus.

On the Lawlex Law & Consulting website it states that the company also works in association with Lester Dominic Solicitors in London in order to provide clients with legal advice in both countries.

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John Groaves North Cyprus Property Reviews - Advocate Pınar Öcal GÖKBÖRÜ

‘My name is John GROAVES  I sold my apartment  at SEA VISTA CATALKOY on the 26 September 2018 my solicitor  was Pinar in ALSANCAK KYRENIA I am 79 years old my wife is 78 , my

solicitor  sent our money in two parts the first part we received Ok to our bank in England the next part on the same day was sent to Ireland , someone had hacked

PINAR and told her to send it to a bank in Ireland  and without even asking us or checking  to see if this was correct  she just sent it , after the first part was sent we 

even emailed her and said received Ok thank you  , the amount was 20.000 POUNDS 

since then it has cost us 2.000 pounds for a solicitor, but she had no insurance at all

and we have no way of getting our money back  ,the English police and the fraud police

have been involved  in England and Ireland  ,and it has been a nightmare  for us both

it has made us ill with worry , she just did not seem to care at all , and just said over and over again it was our fault. 

We are asking you to print this to stop it happening  to anyone else  and to ask that the

law be changed to make it against  the law for a solicitor act without full insurance  to

cover them selves and there clients. 


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