North Cyprus Presidential Elections | Results So Far

North Cyprus Presidential Elections | Results So FarWith most votes in, Eroglu was in the lead with nearly 29% followed by Akinci with 27%, Sibel Siber 22.7% and independent Kudret Ozersay 21.5%. The runoff on April 26 will therefore be between current President Eroglu Mustafa Akinci.

This was a much closer fight than predicted by most of the polls and the fate of the two remaining candidates depends on who the supporters of Siber and Ozersay decide to transfer their votes to. The two remaining candidates represent two opposite ends of the political spectrum with Eroglu at the right and Akinci at the left. If Akinci wins then as President we can expect a quite different focus in the role.

Akinci said that he would oppose the “submissiveness” of the Turkish Cypriot side in the Turkish-Turkish Cypriot relationship and that as far as Varosha was concerned, “instead of living side by side a corpse let Varosha become a lively city where people live, contractors from both communities do business together and young people can find jobs”.

He also proposed Turkish Cypriot participation in international sports events, projects to establish a common mobile phone network on both sides of Cyprus, opening of checkpoints in Lefka and Famagusta and he promised that he would bring women to the negotiation table, and that communal gender equality should be a “way of life”.

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