North Cyprus Presidential Elections | Eroglu Support Fading

North Cyprus Presidential Elections | Eroglu Support FadingHavadis newspaper (17.04.15) reports that two mayors have announced support for independent candidate Kudret Ozersay in Sunday’s presidential elections rather than for current UBP and DP supported President Dervis Eroglu.

The decision of Lapta mayor and former general secretary of the UBP, Fuat Namsoy, was seen as “surprising”as Lapta is regarded as UBP’s “castle” and this step is expected to deal a big blow to Eroglu.

Mehmet Hulusioglu, mayor of Çatalköy, also expressed his support to Ozersay yesterday, citing his reason as being that he thinks that young candidates should be supported. Hulusioglu had been elected with the support of UBP and DP.

Namsoy was one of the mayors elected with the highest vote percentage. He was asked if he is worried that the UBP will launch a disciplinary procedure against him or throw him out of the party, because his decision is contrary to the UBP’s one. He replied that he does not think that the UBP will make such a move, but if it does, he will defend himself. He said that he believes in Ozersay and that he is not alone, but “this is a result of a mass movement in Lapta”.

The newspaper writes that Eroglu is experiencing a shock because, in spite of UBP’s and DP’s decision to support him, many active members of these parties have already expressed their support of other candidates.

The poll today is not expected to result in an outright winner and the two candidates with the highest votes will go on to a further poll next Sunday.

Don’t forget that polling day is supposed to be dry and alcohol will not be available until polling booths are closed; probably. It seems that here they take their elections more seriously than their religion as even during Ramadan alcohol is available.

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