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According to the CNA, the first exchange of criminals between North Cyprus and the South, meditated by the UN, took place at the Ledra Palace checkpoint.

Authorities from the South handed over a suspect for the murder of 53 year-old Turkish Cypriot Hasan Isik Ozgocmen, who was killed in September 2018 in Yeni İskele. The suspect then fled to South Cyprus after the incident.

In exchange, four persons believed to be involved in the murder of Ernest Leonides in Limassol in February 2018, were handed over from North Cyprus.

Having read in NCFP about the drug dealer who bribed a police officer to allow him to escape, you have to hope that the suspect remains in prison as it would be more than embarrassing if he was allowed to escape.

Hakki Onen, co-chairman of the Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters, said the exchange was important and that it became possible after meetings with the UN. He noted that the suspects would be brought before justice and added that the committee would do anything possible for advancing cooperation.

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci expressed his satisfaction with the development and thanked all those who contributed to the exchange. “Neither the one side nor the other should be a safe area for criminals to take refuge,” he said.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, “foreign minister” Kudret Ozersay stated that the exchange of criminals was a result of unofficial meetings he held with Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis.

“This situation should not be exploited politically. This is a cooperation which was made possible after an unofficial agreement,” Ozersay said.


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