Cyprus News | Turkish Lira Weakness Will Hit Greece and Cyprus

Cyprus News – Turkish Lira Weakness Will Hit Greece and Cyprus

Greece and south Cyprus tourism industries compete directly with Turkey. The direct effect of the weakness of the Turkish Lira should be to redirect tourists to Turkey and north Cyprus and away from Greece and south Cyprus. For the weakened economies in those two areas the recovery in tourism is one of the few positive areas of their depressed economies. The devaluation of the Turkish lira has destroyed that hope and cost conscious holiday-makers heading for the eastern Mediterranean will choose Turkey or north Cyprus because their money will go a lot further.

The only problem with north Cyprus is that the marketing of holidays in that area is so poor that most Europeans think the whole island deals in the Euro and therefore should be avoided for the same reason Greece is now being avoided; it will be too expensive. What advantage does north Cyprus have over Turkey? Well, three main ones for Europeans. North Cyprus is more westernised than Turkey, alcohol is cheaper and so is fuel.

Wake up north Cyprus, this summer is your chance to get your tourism industry back on its feet and now is the time for marketing!

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