North Cyprus News | Syrian Refugees Rescued off Esentepe

MoneyMore information about the Syrian refugees rescued off the coast of north Cyprus.

“218 Syrian refugees set off from Mersin 3 days ago. Each one paid 6,000 dollars to an organised human trafficker, who put them on a cargo ship, destined to Italy. Yesterday afternoon, the ship suffered a technical problem, subsequently the captain and the crew left the ship and disappeared on a speedboat. The ship drifted to the coast of Esentepe, and was anchored by the Turkish Cypriot coast guard at about 9 pm last night. Later on, the ship was towed into Kyrenia port, and the refugees were rescued by the civil defence; taken to hospital and eventually to a sports hall, where they were fed,clothed and sheltered ! I went there this morning, provided food, toys and water, and asked them what else we could do. The answer contained no hesitation, “send us to Turkey” . So, Akgünler very kindly provided a ferry, and we sent them to Mersin at 14.00 hrs today! A total disgrace to humanity!” Fikri Toros on Facebook

There is also more about this story on the Daily Sabah¹ website.

Also, there was an interesting video on the Al Jazeera ² website investigating the current state of the Cyprus Talks.




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