North Cyprus Law – Citizenship Law Update ‘Limping Along’

North Cyprus Law - Citizenship Law Update 'Limping Along'WITHOUT PREJUDICE

So the changes to the Citizenship law that will, we are informed, help the victims of Aga Development Limited obtain their title deeds is still limping along.

Other factors allegedly have caused the delay. Not least the BRS delaying the submission of questions with regard to the white card situation also linked to the Citizenship law.

Well the good news is, the bill is expected to be put before Parliament in December. Yes I know, the same month Father Christmas allegedly comes down our chimneys. I believe in Father Christmas but I am not so sure about the other thing.

Be reassured though, my sources tell me that it is only a delay not a cancellation.

“Dear Father Christmas,

Can you please consider my wish list:

  1. The deeds to all the villas at Amaranta Valley so that I can distribute them to all the purchasers
  2. My money back for my villa in Karsiyaka.
  3. Make Agile well again.
  4. World peace.

Many thanks and lots of love Pauline, I have been very good this year and not had even one new Libel Writ.”

I personally think Santa is more likely to grant my wishes than the TRNC Government are to help even one property victim.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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