North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 6th March 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 6th March 2021The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 6th March 2021is is packed with an eclectic mix of articles. Castles burning, residents not allowed to board Turkish Airline planes and much, much more.


CASTLE GUTTED IN ‘FREAK’ FIRE – AN INVESTIGATION was launched after a fire believed to have been caused by lightning strikes gutted parts of St Hilarion Castle on top of the mountains above Girne. The castle’s “Cafe Lusignan” burnt down on Wednesday and flames could be seen from miles around. Officials said that the fire had started from the wooden roof of the cafe located inside the castle following “four or five” lightning strikes despite the existence of a lightning rod.

BRS, ministry step in after Brits stopped from boarding TA flights – A NUMBER of British TRNC residents were prevented from boarding Turkish Airlines flights to North Cyprus at Manchester airport because of confusion over their residency papers. The issue was highlighted by the British Residents Society (BRS), whose chairman Peter Wilkins told Cyprus Today that they had received complaints from passengers with old-style documents referring to them as “short-term” residents while a “Notam” — an instruction from the Civil Aviation Department to airlines — stated that only “permanent” residents were allowed to fly to the TRNC.

Currently only TRNC citizens, spouses or children of citizens, foreign residents and university students are allowed to travel from the UK to North Cyprus due to the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus.

Complaints were made as to how international students were being allowed to fly to the country while residents who had purchased property could not. “This is manifestly wrong,” one person said.

Govt moves on allowing ‘home quarantine’ – WORK is under way to allow “home quarantine”, Health Minister Ünal Üstel announced this week. The government is in talks with mobile phone operators Turkcell and Telsim to set up a new system that will enable Covid-19 contacts to self-isolate at home rather than in pandemic hotels and centres, Mr Üstel said in a TV interview.

An electronic tagging pilot for passengers arriving at Ercan airport, launched last year by Mr Üstel’s predecessor Ali Pilli, had to be abandoned due to technical problems. Mr Üstel said that he was considering home quarantine because Covid-19 contacts were “hiding themselves” to avoid having to stay at a quarantine centre.

Endangered seal breeding in TRNC – ONE of the rarest marine animals in the world is breeding in North Cyprus, a new report has confirmed. The study by the UK’s University of Exeter and the TRNC’s Society for the Protection of Turtles (Spot) confirms previously unknown breeding sites of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal, of which fewer than 700 are believed to exist. It holds the title of the rarest seal in the world.

KTFF suspends Conifa membership – THE Cyprus Turkish Football Association (KTFF) has suspended its only membership of an international football body due to “political” reasons and difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, officials have said. The KTFF’s decision over its membership of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (Conifa) came just days after North Cyprus had been named as one of the teams in Conifa’s Euro 2021 tournament to be held in Nice, France, in June.

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