North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 5th November 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 5th November 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 5th November 2022 lights no bonfires nor lights up the sky. This edition is a Snoozepaper not a Newspaper.


RECLAIM IT OR LOSE IT – CASH equivalent to a total of almost 71 million TL lying in dormant bank accounts will be “lost forever” unless the account holders or their descendants come forward to reclaim it. The TRNC Central Bank has published a list of 527 Turkish lira, US dollar, pound sterling and euro bank accounts that each contain the equivalent of more than 10 per cent of the monthly minimum wage and have not been touched for at least 10 years or more as of the end of 2021.

The list includes 234 accounts containing around 1.03 million TL; 68 accounts worth roughly $2.51 million; 138 accounts with a total value of approximately 968,000 euros; and 87 accounts holding about £252,000. The list was published in issue 235 of the Official Gazette and also on the TRNC Central Bank website,

Multi-rate electricity tariff ‘more expensive’ for most – THE new “multi-rate” electricity tariff introduced by the government this week will only benefit heavy energy consumers, it has been suggested. The multi-rate tariff, which includes different charges for electricity used during “peak”, “off-peak” and “normal” times of the day, was announced last month and came into effect on Tuesday, November 1.

President Tatar: killers of Turkish Cypriot must be brought to justice – THE killers of a Turkish Cypriot who died while in custody at a Greek Cypriot-run prison in South Nicosia must be identified and given the “punishment they deserve”, President Ersin Tatar said.


‘3,000 illegal estate agents operating in North Cyprus’ – THERE are around 10 illegal estate agents for every one operating legally in the TRNC, it has been claimed. Cyprus Turkish Estate Agents Association (KTEB) chairman Hasan Sungur made the claim this week, saying that while there are around 280 registered estate agents, the number of those who are unregistered is “about 3,000”. Speaking to Cyprus Today’s Turkishlanguage sister newspaper Kıbrıs, he said that the “serious level of informality in the real estate sector created by illegal and unregistered real estate agents” is causing “great financial losses” to the state.

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