North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 4th April 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 4th April 2020Looking at the North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on the 4th April 2020 it is not surprising to find that the focus is on the Corona Virus. What is surprising is to see the totally different approach to its containment. For example, the paper reports that someone was tested for the virus and their contacts were checked. There is also more details in Cyprus Today about the human impact of the virus in London than is found in most UK newspapers.


SHUTDOWN PLEA – Mayors’ call to halt infection – CALLS have been made to quarantine a vast stretch of the north coast from Kayalar to Esentepe over fears that ‘insensitive’ people are spreading the corona virus. The mayors of Lapta and Alsancak said their areas should go into lockdown because some people were continuing to go out in breach of the rules, without any reasonable excuse. Fears were heightened after they revealed that a Lapta resident who tested positive had made ‘contact’ with up to 25 people.

Awful human cost hitting London TCs – THE man who holds the painful role of undertaker for London’s Turkish Cypriot community has painted an anguished picture of the difficulties he faces trying to cope with a sharp rise in deaths caused by the corona virus. North London Turkish Cypriot funeral director Erkin Güney made a desperate appeal for help in an emotional broadcast via social media, revealing shocking details of diminishing supplies of vital equipment — and the pain of bereaved families forbidden to carry out their funeral traditions.

Blood supplies drying up – BLOOD stocks have fallen as much as 70 per cent at the blood bank — and warnings have been raised by officials and charities that the “crisis” is disabling vital blood transfusions needed for Thalassemia sufferers. Volunteers say even regular blood donors — afraid to shake hands — are even more concerned about going into a hospital to donor blood.


FEARS THAT TRNC COULD RUN DRY – THERE’s a warning this week that the Corona crisis could leave the country facing a new drought this summer, by delaying repairs to the broken undersea pipeline which supplies water direct from Turkey. The pipeline, supposed to pump 75 million cubic metres a year, snapped on January 10, near the Anamur coast of Turkey. Strong underwater currents have been blamed. Editor: Worse still is the fact that over the years, traditional sources of water in the TRNC have sometimes been disconnected in expectation that the Turkish water could be relied upon. Plans for the future include supplying electricity in a similar way, instead of building local power stations.

Ileli supermarkets cancels home deliveries after “unfavourable” response – ILLELI supermarkets have dropped their recently-introduced home delivery service, citing “cynical, harsh, offensive, thoughtless and unsatisfied reactions.” Editor: Oddly there was no explanation about why these responses were received.


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