North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 3rd August 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 3rd August 2019North Cyprus News, Cyprus Today version, is often not news at all. In Cyprus Today you find a lot of opinion and plans which turn to nothing. An example of that is the first article where the government talks about cutting airfares by scrapping airport taxes, despite it having no control over those taxes. Don’t you just hate it when people in power so obviously lie to you and despite knowing they are a liar, you believe them. Then a few weeks later when the lie is exposed, you somehow still believe their next lie. In other words, it will always be cheaper to fly to London from the south. Mind you, I bet you don’t get the same welcome at Larnaca as you do at Ercan,


GOVT PUSH TO CUT AIR FARES – A NEW push is under way to end extra security screening during “touchdown” flights in Turkey for Ercan-UK travellers as part of an effort to lower flight costs, Cyprus Today can reveal.

The development is one of several government initiatives to slash rocketing air fares seen as hampering tourism — and comes as a government minister warned that travellers arriving via South Cyprus were “under threat” from its administration.

Karpaz protesters march to TRNC Parliament gates – KARPAZ protesters converged on Parliament and ministries yesterday after calling off a march from the peninsula on Wednesday when protesters fainted and one man collapsed. Yenierenköy Mayor Emrah Yeşilırmak had headed flag-waving protesters on the initial 24km leg of a planned five-day march in scorching temperatures “for the future of our youth and the Karpaz region”.

But they changed tack after reaching Ziyamet when Salih Cil Muskuri was taken to hospital with heatstroke.

PM: Maraş Ottoman land pillaged by the British government – A WAR of words has erupted over South Cyprus claims that the British government paid £1.5 million to ensure that there would be no future Turkish or Turkish Cypriot claims on the abandoned Gazimağusa suburb of Maraş (Varosha). The claims brought a declaration from Prime Minister Ersin Tatar that “Maraş is Ottoman land . . . pillaged due to mistakes during British rule” and it was “time to open it under Turkish administration”.

Officer suspended as probe launched into attack on passenger – A POLICEMAN has been suspended and an investigation launched after a graphic video showing a policeman assaulting a passenger at Ercan airport “went viral” on social media.

The footage shows other policemen watching the attack before eventually intervening to stop it as their colleague punched and kicked the Turkish tourist before dragging him along the floor to a nearby office.


Anger at roadworks – TEMPERS boiled over as drivers sat in long tailbacks and searing heat on the outskirts of Lefkoşa this week.

Commuters blasted highways officials for undertaking repairs to roads around the main Gönyeli roundabout during rush-hour, leading to tailbacks which even left ambulances struggling to cut through the congestion to reach Lefkoşa State Hospital.

Campaigners protest, enter Acapulco resort free of charge – CAMPAIGNERS for free beach access unfurled a banner demanding compliance with the law after descending on the sands at Çatalköy’s Acapulco resort on Sunday.

The group entered the beach without paying after declaring they would not use its private facilities, then read out a statement reiterating the public’s right to access the coast for free under the 1985 TRNC Constitution and 1993 legislation and handed copies of the provisions to hotel staff.

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