North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 31st July 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 31st July 2021The North Cyprus News on the front page of  Cyprus Today on 31st July 2021 consists of a warning about fires that precede the fire that is now blazing near Karsiyaka and nothing much else.


NORTH CYPRUS ON HIGH ALERT – THE TRNC is on “high alert” for forest fires with strong winds, dry conditions and temperatures of up to 43C forecast until Friday. Forestry Department director Cemil Karzaoğlu announced that entry to forest roads and forest areas has been banned until Wednesday. He also stated that it is forbidden to start fires in forest areas and picnic grounds. Issuing a written statement, Mr Karzaoğlu said that according to the Meteorology Department’s weather forecasts the probability of fire is “very high” due to the rise in temperatures and expected windy conditions coupled with levels of humidity falling below 20 percent.

US report says TRNC lacking in anti-trafficking efforts – THE TRNC does “not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so, even considering the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on its anti-trafficking capacity”, a new report has said. The verdict was included in the US State Department’s latest global “Trafficking in Persons Report”, which rates countries from best to worst in four levels: Tier 1, Tier 2; Tier 2 Watch List, and Tier 3. In the section for “Cyprus” under the heading the “area of Cyprus administered by Turkish Cypriots” the report said: “The United States does not recognize the ‘TRNC,’ nor does any other country except Turkey. If the ‘TRNC’ were to be assigned a formal ranking in this report, it would be Tier 3.”

GC petitioners: Remove Twitter ‘blue tick’ from Tatar’s account – A GROUP of Greek Cypriots are demanding that Twitter remove its “blue tick” verification of President Ersin Tatar’s account. Mr Tatar, who became President last October, is a regular user of Twitter and currently has more than 154,000 followers. His personal account, @ersinrtatar, has been active since December 2011 but only recently acquired the coveted blue symbol that shows the account is genuine.

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