North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 30th May 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 30th May 2020North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 30th May 2020 kicks off with the only story it feels is worth putting on the front page. Almost copying the UK it seems that there are not enough lifeguards to protect swimmers. Excuse me, I’ve never seen one in the 15 years I’ve been swimming there. I guess they used to only go to the popular beaches and not to Alagadi beach.


Lifeguards warn after drownings – Three young lives, including student Gozde Nur Binbir, were taken by the sea as the country’s beaches reopened. Now questions are being asked about safety as the main training body warned they don’t have enough lifeguards for summer.


Resident Brits must pay for quarantine – RESIDENT foreign nationals who are stranded abroad will be allowed to come “home” to the TRNC but will be undergo a 14-day quarantine period which they must pay for, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar told Cyprus Today last night.

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1 comment to North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today 30th May 2020

  • Polly Marples

    Well we all know how they love to milk the cash cows, so of course Ersin Tartar (Taverymuch) who has his fingers in so many pies (Akfinans Bank…Polly Peck) is not going to miss the chance to milk ’em some more. They could of course self isolate in their homes…but hey, no profit in that.