North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 2nd November 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 2nd November 2019North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today is a little sparse with only three articles on the front page. The rest of the newspaper, as usual, contains the kind of articles found in UK free newspapers. Read the few we summarise and then decide whether you want to buy the real thing.


INQUIRY AFTER FATAL CRASH –  TWO experienced pilots died after their aircraft “nosedived” to the ground at Geçitkale airport on Tuesday, a preliminary investigation into the crash has found.

Friends Serkan Özcezarlı and Hakan Çetinkaya, both 46, were pronounced dead at the scene after their two-seater Italian-made ICP Ventura Ultralight “training” plane spiralled out of control, hitting the ground near the runway and bursting into flames.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and “rapidly put out the fire” but paramedics were unable to save the two men. The exact cause of the accident has yet to be determined.

Foreigners patients’ rights being ‘violated’ – THE rights of British and other foreign national patients treated at state hospitals in the TRNC are being “violated”, a patients’ rights pressure group has said.

Some individuals are facing “double marginalisation” because they are sex workers, prisoners, mentally ill, HIV-positive or elderly, it was claimed.

Beran Dağtaş, lobbying officer for the North Cyprus-based Universal Patients’ Rights Association (UPRA), said that patients from the UK and other countries do not receive the same treatment as TRNC citizens or those from Turkey who are covered under social security agreements.

Turkish water to reach Bahceli villas ‘by Friday’ – TURKISH water will soon be “on tap” for residents of an Esentepe housing develop-ment who have been forced to rely on pri-vate tanker deliveries despite paying for mains supplies more than a year ago. Following an approach by Cyprus Today, Mayor Cenral Erdogan said that fresh water pumped from Turkey, which has been supplied to other parts of the
country since 2015, would be flowing to the Sunset Valley’s 26 villas in Bahceli by the end of the week after a new water tank was put in place to supply the area.

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