North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 29th August 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 29th August 2020The North Cyprus News on the front page of the Cyprus Today on 29th August 2020 consists of three articles. The main one is about a ‘surge’ in Covid cases, the second is about an ill ex-pat neglecting to call an ambulance when his wife fell and the final one is about the south selling passports.


Covid Cases Hit Record High – The highest number of new Covid-19 cases in the TRNC was detected when 67 were confirmed within a 10-day period this and last week to make a total of 301 cases yesterday morning. A Ministry of Health statement said that of the 67 cases, 30 involved people travelling to the TRNC by air and 11 by ferry while the others had been in contact with previously infected patients.

`South Cyprus sold Golden Passports to alleged criminals’– More than 1,000 wealthy Russians bought ‘Golden Passports’ from South Cyprus in just two years to create a ‘Moscow in the Med’ an investigation by the Al Jazeera television station has revealed.

Local expat `neglected his wife, caused her death’ – A man from Scotland has appeared in court charged with causing the death of his wife by neglecting her after she suffered serious injuries in a fall at their Girne home. Brian Cuthbertson, and his wife Donna, 54, moved to the TRNC two years ago, Police Officer Ercan Atasay told Girne District Court on 24 August. “After Mrs Cuthbertson accidentally fell in their house, the defendant neglected to attend to her or summon the emergency services to do so,” he said, adding that the accused spent three days in Lefkosa State Hospital under observation while in police custody and would return there for treatment after the hearing.

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