North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 28th November 2020

North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 28th November 2020 consists of a lot of speculation. Starting with free vaccines for all, including non residents. Watch for a correction when they realise that the TRNC is spending money they don’t have.


‘Free For All’ – COVID-19 vaccines will be administered for free to everyone in the TRNC, including foreign residents, Health Minister Ali Pilli has told Cyprus Today. The vaccines for Covid-19 will arrive into the TRNC as soon as they are purchased by Turkey, which has signed an agreement to buy 50 million vaccines from China,” Dr Pilli said. ‘There is also preparation for mass production [of a vaccine] by Pfizer and BioN-Tech, as well as the vaccine that is to be produced by Oxford University. “I can pledge that the Covid-19 vaccines will be administered for free to all residents in the TRNC, not just TRNC nationals. We are hoping to have the vaccine avail-able in North Cyprus after December.”

Is Azerbaijan close to TRNC recognition? – THE prospect of Azerbaijan recognising the TRNC has moved a step closer, experts have told Cvprus Today, fol-lowing its victory against Armenia over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

That’s it!

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