North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 23rd April 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 23rd April 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 23rd April 2022 is speculative, political and boring. Not their fault as nothing much is going on apart from a war in Ukraine with Russia threatening the world with nuclear war.


HERE WE GO AGAIN – NORTH Cyprus is now awaiting the formation of what would be its fourth government since the start of November, after the National Unity Party-Democrat Party Rebirth Party (UBP-DP-YDP) coalition had its resignation accepted by President Ersin Tatar on Wednesday, after just 59 days in office.

Covid-19: is the end near? – COVID-19 case numbers are plummeting in North Cyprus. In the week to April 19, there were a total of 1,418 cases detected, which is less than a third of the number seen two weeks previously, and the lowest weekly figure recorded since December 21 last year.

Russia ‘exploring’ ways to assist ‘thousands’ of its citizens in TRNC – THE Russian embassy in South Nicosia has said it is “exploring possibilities” to “render assistance to thousands of Russian citizens” who live in North Cyprus. In a statement released in response to reports in Greek and Greek Cypriot media claiming that Russia is considering recognising the TRNC and opening a “consulate” in the North, the Russian embassy confirmed that recognition is not on its agenda, but that it is looking into ways to aid its citizens who live here.

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