North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 20th March 2021

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 20th March 2021 includes an article criticising, among other people, Jeremy Corbyn for using words like ‘invasion’ and ‘occupation’ on a TV programme about Cyprus. He could hardly do otherwise seeing as he uses the same words against the Israeli forces action in Palestine. That and one other article are the only ones worth repeating, just about.


Backlash over Corbyn debate – BROADCASTERS of a TV programme on the Cyprus issue that featured former UK Labour Party leader and north London MP Jeremy Corbyn and other participants faced a fierce backlash after being accused of providing a platform for Greek Cypriot propaganda. The one-hour show called Cyprus Talks: The View from the UK and Europe was broadcast on Thursday night by the British-based station Euro Genc TV and simultaneously transmitted in the TRNC by Kanal Sim.

President wants more people from UK to settle in North Cyprus – MORE people from the UK should settle in North Cyprus, President Ersin Tatar has said. He made the comments in an exclusive interview with Cyprus Today, his first in English with a TRNC-based newspaper since he became President last October.

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