North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th July 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th July 2020North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 18th July 2020 consists of one story – the border is still closed between the north and the south and the Turkish speaking Cypriots don’t like it. Apart from that there is little news. No mention of the worse humidity for years!


BORDER PROTEST – A 500-STRONG crowd marched on the Metehan crossing point in Lefkoşa last night accusing the Greek side of attempting to “strangle North Cyprus,” as anger mounted over the Greek Cypriot’s recent hardline stance on the border, which has seen many EU citizens and other nationalities refused entry to the TRNC. Political leaders, business and tourism chiefs and civil groups united to lead the protest. They expressed outrage that the Greek Cypriots were using Covid-19 as an excuse to restrict crossings, with claims this was being done to “further isolate the economy and tourism of North Cyprus.”


No Stars in your eyes – The annual air show by the Turkish air force All Stars has been called off due to corona virus restrictions. Most of this year’s July 20 Peace and Freedom Day celebrations have been curtailed.

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