North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 17th August 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 17th August 2019At last, an interesting article in Cyprus Today. If you’ve left a few tens of thousands of pounds in a bank account and forgotten about it for 10 years or more it might be worth claiming it because it’s about to be lost forever. Trouble is, that’s the only interesting article.


MONEY WILL BE LOST ‘FOREVER’ –  DOZENS of expats have been named in a list of “forgotten” bank accounts — with bank chiefs warning that the money will be lost forever if it is not claimed within 12 months.

The 23-page document published on the TRNC Central Bank’s website and in the Official Gazette contains the details of some 1,000 accounts that have not been touched for 10 years or more, worth a total of around 4.5 million TL.

The list includes names, the amount of money and interest accumulated, account numbers and the banks they are held with and, in some case, the dates of birth, addresses and passport or ID card numbers of the account holders.

UK MPs invited to TRNC, learn TC views about Cyprus history – BRITISH MPs who took part in a video claiming that Turkey “invaded” Cyprus in 1974 should come to the TRNC and “hear the views of the Turkish Cypriots”, parliamentary Speaker Teberrüken Uluçay has said.

He was reacting to 17 MPs from parties represented in Westminster who recorded messages for a video montage shared on social media by a UK-based Greek Cypriot lobby group to mark “45 years since Turkey invaded Cyprus”.

“We would like to invite all the British MPs who appeared in the video to North Cyprus,” Mr Uluçay said in exclusive comments to Cyprus Today.

‘TRNC has no problems with freedom of expression’ – the satirical cabaret-style production, described as a “comical and critical lampoon likening the country to a smouldering ruin with the economy, politics, environment and people’s hearts reduced to ashes”.

“I was told by Mr Akgür to put on a play that criticises no-one or causes discomfort,” Mr Ersoy said.

“The Repertoire Committee . . . has been replaced by a committee of ministry bureaucrats.”

Responding to the furore yesterday, Mr Tatar said the issue had been “exaggerated” and that there had been “hasty criticism”.

“[This is a] democratic country with no problems with freedom of expression as many opinions are aired by the media,” he said.

“It would be unfair to put more stress on society or the TRNC. I have the utmost respect for [Mr Ersoy’s] talent, but you can’t just write what you want in the name of free expression.”


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