North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 16th November 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 16th November 2019Oh dear, Cyprus Today front page again seems to be a bit light on North Cyprus News. There are so many issues they could be investigating, for example the issue of ex-pats not being paid by their lawyers the full amount of the proceeds of a house sale because the lawyer was defrauded.

We are wondering whether to re-introduce the idea of star-rating North Cyprus lawyers, estate agents and builders just like TripAdvisor allows customers to star-rate hotels. Any comments?


Girne Habour Plans ‘a Danger’ – A GROUNDBREAKING scheme to return Girne’s historic harbour to its “pre-1974 glory” has been slammed by yacht owners who say that it would cause “chaos” and endanger vessels moored there. The scheme was unveiled at a meeting hosted by Tourism and Environment Minister Unal Ustel at Girne’s Savoy Hotel on Thursday, when conflicting views sparked tension among restauranteurs, yacht owners and local residents.

Limescale build up in smart meters may lead to inflated water bills – WATER bill payers have been urged to check their pre-pay smart meter readings after it emerged that a build-up of limescale could prevent an automatic cut-off system from working — potentially leading to large bills. The meters, installed by some local authorities, such as Lapta Municipality, around four years ago, are designed to automatically stop the water supply to a property once the “credit” has been used up, prompting bill payers to purchase more water in advance to allow the flow to resume.

Altinbas freed on bail – SEVEN men, including well-known businessman Vakkas Altinbas, accused of committing a multi-million pound property fraud have been released on bail pending trial following their arrests on Monday. Vakkas Altinbas, a member of the Altinbas Holding board, and his son Mehmet Altinbas, along with estate agent Ahmet Bayraktar, Mehmet Akacan, lawyer Refer Uzun and certifying officers Mehmet Sefik Ormancioglu and Kemal.


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