North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 15th October 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 15th October 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 15th October 2022 is quite disturbing for ex-pats who thought they had security living in North Cyprus. It seems that those who buy property there in order to retire need to have an income of around double their UK State Pension.


CONFUSION OVER RESIDENCY RULES – THERE was concern and confusion among expat residents of the TRNC this week after the British Residents Society (BRS) said it had been made aware of “changes in the criteria for residency permits”.

According to the information provided by the BRS, the “very key important change” states that if an “applicant for an immovable property residency permit holds title deeds in their own name, then they will need to submit evidence of monthly income, equivalent to three times the TRNC National Minimum Wage”.

The gross monthly minimum wage in the TRNC is currently 9,885TL, equivalent to about £470 based on an exchange rate of around 21TL to the pound, meaning a monthly income of over £1,400 would be needed to meet the criteria as stated by the BRS.

In contrast the full new State Pension in the UK is £185.15 per week, or roughly £800 per calendar month, while those from the UK who reached state pension age before April 6, 2016, and are on the full basic State Pension receive just £141.85 per week, or approximately £615 per calendar month.

Minister: Russian firm has applied for direct flights – A RUSSIAN company has launched a bid to start direct flights between Russia and the TRNC, Public Works and Transport Minister Erhan Arıklı has revealed.

TRNC population soars 36.5 per cent in 10 yrs – THE population of North Cyprus grew by an estimated 104,500 from 2011 to 2021, new data from the Statistical Institute shows. Editor: That’ll be because of all the poor British immigrants 🙂

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