North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 15/1/2014

cyprus-today-midweekNorth Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 15/1/2014

Bypass homes may be razed – three, or maybe even four, houses may be demolished to make way for a bypass. The problem comes from the fact that these houses were built on the planned route even though planning permission was granted after the decision to build the bypass was finalised.

Sudden downpour floods Girne area – see NCFP article. 15 minutes of rain caused the flood.

Most wanted tax dodger is arrested after a meal – a Greek Cypriot wanted for a €10m tax fraud, hiding in the north, was arrested for entering using false documents. He hid a lot of the money in the banks in the south!

Expat in fear over false health result – Nigel Watson, a retired interior designer from Burnley, has tested positive for hepatitis C for the third time during his annual residency renewal. The other two times he was given the all clear after paying for expensive tests in Turkey.

Taxi unions clash over fare increase proposals – fares would increase from 4.70TL starting fee to 6.20TL and then from 1.44TL/km to 1.80/km. The unions then argued about should what have been done to cope with rising costs to the industry

Don’t dump it – sell it, says company – sell your scrap for 450TL/ton; 40TL for an old water tank and 25TL for a washing machine

Bread production at risk with flour crisis – reliance on Turkey to supply flour could create a shortage of bread if there was a break in the supply

Shoppers urged to avoid ‘toxic’ imported produce – after a 1 ton shipment of ‘toxin-laden’ persimmons was sent back to Turkey. Editor: I wonder if the techniques used to analyse the toxins were as bad as those used to test Mr Watson for hepatitis C?



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