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North Cypus Law – Hate Group as Unreliable as Ever

Today it is with great pleasure and not a little mirth, I can report that ‘Hak Hukuk’ aka ‘Fatma Lone’ aka ‘Sebnem Seven’, aka ‘Nadir Cheley’, aka ‘Adalet Justice’ aka ‘Old Uncle Tom Cobley and All’ has risen from the dead. There is even a rumour that the person behind these multiple personas is a practising ‘lawyer’ in North Cyprus.

hak backWould that be one heart attack per personality ‘Fatma’ dear?

No surprise there folks. However you should perhaps be very concerned if someone who appears as psychotic as ‘Hak’ is allowed to practice law. Should this ever prove to be true then I’d think long and hard before giving your money to such a clearly damaged individual?

It seems ‘Fatma’ is now looking into the possibility of my receiving the death sentence for my many alleged crimes. That I neither like nor trust the person hiding behind the ‘Fatma’ pseudonym would be my only crime (in his eyes). I did not swallow the crap so clearly I deserve to die. You know part of me should be afraid, I probably will be when I stop laughing.

There are some decent, sane Advocates in north Cyprus, I will leave you to decide if this multiple personality is one of them. I do know that if I were an Advocate in north Cyprus I would be loathe to have someone like this allowed to practise law.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read


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