North Cyprus News | Animal Police to Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws?

North Cyprus News | Animal Police to Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws?According to the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper (29.5.2019), the Turkish Parliament has recommended the setting up of Animal Police in order to enforce Animal Cruelty Laws. In North Cyprus animal poisoning is common and the horrific consequences not only affects pet owners but gives the wrong idea about North Cyprus and Turkish Cypriot treatment of animals.

The idea in Turkey is that the Animal Police would be a rapid response unit that would deal with an incident immediately that it is reported, for example a specific number to call if a poisoner is spotted laying down poisoned meat. If an Animal Policeman had a uniform that identifies him as such then would be poisoners would think twice about what they had intended to do.

We know that generic police often ignore traffic crimes, for example drivers using mobile phones, but Traffic Police are more likely to not do so as it is seen as their responsibility. Perhaps Animal Police would be more likely to investigate crimes against animals if it is seen as down to them to stop these incidents. Well, you can dream can’t you.

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