Naked Man On a North Cyprus Beach Fights With Lifeguard

Naked Man On a North Cyprus Beach Fights With LifeguardI know that the Daily Mail has often been accused of publishing fake news but it wasn’t until I read their article, and watched the video below about a naked man on a North Cyprus beach fighting with a lifeguard, that I realised that it was true.

‘A furious lifeguard has been filmed brawling with a naked man on a beach in North Cyprus after he refused to put his clothes on. The fight was recorded by sunbathers at the family beach who watched on as punches and kicks went flying. According to witnesses the lifeguard had approached the man and told him to dress himself before the situation turned violent. In the clip, the lifeguard appears to be pointing his finger in the naked beach-goer’s face before he starts pushing him. The nude man appears to use a stick he is holding to hit the lifeguard, as the two men start fighting.’ reports the Daily Mail

So what makes me think this is fake news? Has anyone ever seen a lifeguard on North Cyprus beaches?

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