North Cyprus Law | Time To Milk The Cash Cows

North Cyprus Law | Time To Milk The Cash CowsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Movement of sorts. The Advocate wants more money, although I really do no understand why.

This is what I have posted on facebook


I am getting effing sick and effing tired of being asked for money by the so called ‘LEGAL PROFESSION’ of the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption.

It seems that something happened at the Appeal court Wednesday in the TRNC and I find out this morning. WHY…..because the advocate wants more money.

I had no idea that anything was happening at the Appeal Court on Wednesday and do I believe it could without my Advocate being told and involved?

What ever happened to keeping the CLIENT informed. Oh and by the way,I only found out BECAUSE the Advocate e mailed another member of K5 and he e mailed me, no direct contact from the Advocate at all.

Do I continue to play these silly games, or DO I GET OUT now.

Do I just refuse to pay more and if I get kicked out, wait for the judgement which must surely also apply to me since I am on the same Kocans?

What do you think my friends?”

It seems that the cash cows are being milked again. I think the time has come for me to talk to a UK based legal expert because it seems I will get no answers from the very expensive people I employ…yes employ, in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption.

Certainly, if there is a solution and they do become a member of the EU, taking the former TRNC to the European Courts will be an option. After all they have conspired in this crime from day one.

Pauline Read

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5 comments to North Cyprus Law | Time To Milk The Cash Cows

  • Miltiades

    [shush]Not that long ago you were immersed in kissing their arses, what went wrong then !!![/shush]

  • Polly Marples

    UPDATE since writing this Pauline has found out that when the Bank submitted it’s Appeal against the judgement made by Judge Talat Usar of the 4th December, 2014, they made a basic and schoolboy error in it.
    On Wednesday they went to the High Court and got an amendment made to this court paper. However, and this is the important part….no one bothered to involve the legal team for the Kulaksiz 5 in this important hearing. If they had been they would have objeced to the change.
    How strange that such a thing can happen when the Bank need an amendment, yet when K5 needed their amendments, the bank was always involved and claimed costs which the K5 members had to pay. So much happens in the bank’s favour and seemingly on this occasion, in secret.
    The K5 legal team want to Appeal this decision to allow the amendment, which is why they are asking for more money. I find this hard to understand, the bank made the mistake, the K5 are expected to pay.
    I would suggest that the K5 legal team, do appeal and ask for sufficient costs to cover their expenses and time, from the Bank

  • Fred

    Milti do you not have enough of your own problems that you concern yourself with other people’s problems. Has your God not sent you any messages lately?

    You do realise that it does not help your condition right?

  • Wallet and Gromit

    You pay, then they get costs awarded by the court, they keep that too, good deal all round for the legal eagles or should that be vultures?

  • Polly Marples

    You are right of course. I wonder if just waiting for the Appeal date would be the right answer for the Kulaksiz 5? What is the point of appealing a correction if the advocate acting for the K5 believe they will win anyway….it is like appealing a technicality and if the advocate for K5 should lose, not only will they have parted with £3000, they will also be expected to pay the costs, such is the inequity of the way advocates think. Still they would have to wait for the Appeal date.